The holiday season…

The holiday season can be rough for most of us struggling with addiction. There are alot of family gatherings, alcohal and in some cases drugs that are around during this time. With all these being possible triggers, there are also big emotions that come with all this. Most of the time they are happy emotions but in some cases they could be very sad and emotional. It is very important to have a game plan in hand during this time. Know what you are going to get yourself into, and be prepared for different scenarios that may arise. As for me I like to set boundaries so I know what I am walking into. For example if there is going to be alcohal at one of my family members houses than I would like to know. That way I am prepared and if it gets to hard I could have an exit plan. As far as turning down alcohal during this time, I sometimes politely decline, or sometimes make an excuse to why I cant drink. Most of the time I am very honest and will explain the real reason why I cant drink. The most important thing is to he careful during this time of year and enjoy these times with family and friends.

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